• Arqueo Ticket - Entrance to 5 Musea in Barcelona

Arqueo Ticket - Entrance to 5 Musea in Barcelona

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The Barcelona ARQUEO-Ticket allows you to visit 4 great museums to travel back into the past and a greater understanding of the present.
• Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya: selection of the most interesting items found in archaeological remains in Catalonia and the surrounding area.
• Museu Egipci de Barcelona: one of the most important private collections of Egyptian art and culture in Europe.
• Museu d’Història de Barcelona: archaeological remains of the Roman colony of Barcino, which cover an area of 4,000 m2.
• Museu Marítim de Barcelona: Portolan charts, boats, instruments, models, the Royal Galley… they all serve to highlight a rich vein of maritime traditions and customs.
If you are interested in the archeological heritage of Barcelona, the Mediterranean and the new world, Arqueoticket will let you access exciting exhibitions at a great price!
Ticket is valid one year after purchase! Buy your ticket online!