• Poble Espanyol - Open Air Museum

Poble Espanyol - Open Air Museum

Get to know beautiful Spain in a nutshell!

The Poble Espanyol was built in 1929, for the Barcelona International Exhibition. It's an outdoor open-air architectural museum, located on top of the Montjuic mountain and one of the few monuments that belonged to an International Exhibition still to be visited. The idea was to conceive the open air museum as a real "village" in the middle of a city, to give people a good impression of what might be an "ideal model" of a Spanish village containing the main characteristics of all towns and villages in the peninsula. For this reason, 117 buildings, streets and squares were reproduced to scale. The museum has surface area of 49,000 m2. Poble Espanyol is a 'living' village of winding narrow streets, shady corner coutyards and visual surprises showcasing the different regional architectural styles of Spain.

Tip: try to get there early in the day when it's less crowded!